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About writing and publishing - where, what, how

About writing and publishing - where, what, how
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about publishing and self-publishing, tips and tricks, experiences and writer's block
Welcome to the community for writers, whether aspiring or already publically acknowledged.

This is basically shoptalk, so it is about exchanging experiences, recommending websites or contests, looking for collaboration, even advertising services.

(Mind, this is NOT the place to post your fiction, but of course it is an opportunity to introduce your work and to pimp your own blog or website. One never knows, right?)


A few guidelines:

No flaming, trolling, harassing or any kind of hate posts! We subscribe to the idea of mutual respect, regardless gender, race, nationality, religion or sexual orientation.

It will be the moderators' decision to exclude/ban users who might disturbe the peace of the group for any reason.



Please use tags in order to enable the other members to navigate within the community and to find the kind of posts they are looking for. Do NOT create your own tags but refer to the one's already provided (or feel free to suggest new ones to the maintainer(s) per pm).

- introduction
- contest
- recommendation
- publishing
- money matters
- research
- novel
- poetry
- fiction
- fanfiction
- journalism
- self publishing
- legal matters


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